Build your own power studio completely free.  Setup the most powerful Animation, 3D, VFX and Graphics Studio in the world using these FREE tools!

In order to help you set up your own free studio these are the links to all the major free software packages that I feel compliment Blender and really give you, the sole artist, that extra edge and power.  This list will be updated frequently as The Coda Project Training unfolds so be sure to bookmark it and check back from time to time!

This list is a list of other software packages, not Blender Plugins.  If you want to see our Blender Plugins recommendation list go to this page instead.





Apache Open Office

Microsoft Rich Tools



Design Doll


Blackmagic Davinci Resolve

Blackmagic Fusion


Unreal Engine (UE4)



Make Human

Dragon Bones

Cry Engine

Godot Engine




Irfan View

Top Mod


Mandelbulb 3D

While it may seem complicated, perhaps even overwhelming, to consider installing and setting up this much software, what you should consider is that it all has an extremely practical use and in many case individual software packages are listed here not because I use every feature but because they do one or two things really well that covers an area that Blender maybe doesn’t do so well.  Blender is incredibly powerful and capable at most tasks and it doesn’t hurt to be able to extend that power by Turbo charging your Blender studio with these extra packages.

I have included my personal recommendation of a free Audio DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) because I think it is also essential to be able to deliver your projects with some kind of sound editing mixing mastering capability, and if you are interested in the Audio side of things then be sure to check out my much more comprehensive review of all the various DAW solutions and which free ones we recommend.

In my day to day work I also use a number of paid solutions.  I personally consider these fairly essential because I use them all the time and I think most home studios should have them.  However they do cost a little and you can perfectly well start your studio without them just using the software from the list below.  So money is no impediment to building your studio.  If you want to see the list of paid solutions I use I will be doing some tutorials and building a page soon on that.