Five minute Blender 2.73 Camera Mapping Tutorial using the Blam Camera Calibration Addon (version 06) with Blender 2.73 to create awesome Camera Mapped scenes.

For a condensed 90 second tutorial on this please click here:…


Stock Photo “Road to Nowhere”…, all permission and uses granted.

Blam Plugin
latest build:

Free HDRI, licence for commercial work also,, all permissions and uses granted.

Addon created by Stuffmatic: Orginal thread here:…

Blender is free software. Latest version Blender 2.78C can be sourced here:


This is a quick intro, Blam also allows you to exactly calibrate your camera to an image through use of drawing parallel and vertical lines on the image with the grease pencil.

If you want to use an image with foreground elements, say a tree or a wall, you will have to go into photoshop and clean up your background plate to remove those elements, otherwise…

you’ll find some pretty whacky stuff happens when you move into the shot past those elements.

That’s another story!

This tutorial was to get you started with this essential Blender Addon.