This is a list of the Best Free Creative Writing Tools for film, animation and 3D projects.

When you are starting any creative project, these days what tends to get overlooked a lot in the concepting stage is the quality of the written word.

It can take a lot of time to pull together visual reference and a lot more brain power to start to do drawings and designs incorporating your references, and it is actually much easier on your brain and better for your creative process to sometimes forget about visuals and just focus on writing out some story.

After all character is story.  Putting words to paper creates a form of creative action and momentum and writing is a free forum for your creativity in a way that drawing isn’t.  When you start to draw, until you become unconscious in drawing, then your drawing itself is a form of roadblock.  Because drawing well is hard it becomes a challenge in itself, and that quick idea stage of just throwing down lots of ideas dissapears.  How often have you started drawing out a character or concept then just simply gotten bogged down?  Whereas just sitting down with a pen and paper, closing your eyes and writing out ideas quickly is a very fast and flowing form of idea creation.

The following is a list of simple writing tools, but I’d really recommend just getting some paper and a pen or pencil and going lo fi with your writing.  Remove the interference of the medium and allow your brain simply to catch the ideas.

There’s an amazing (rare these days) book on writing by Dorothy Brande called “Becoming a Writer”.  If you want one book to teach you in the most simple ways the habits you need to develop as a creative writer, this is it.  You can find a copy here Becoming a Writer



Zen pen is the writing cousin of Alchemy.  A super simple and lovely clutter-free interface that lets you just write.

Trelby is free screenwriting software that is very intuitive and easy to use.  It formats your script or screenplay as you type it.

Apache Open Office